Active Participation in Regional Development Agencies Project

Active Participation in Regional Development Agencies Project; is carried out by the European Foundation in the context of the Civil Society Dialogue IV Program, which constitutes the fourth pillar of the Civil Society Dialogue. The project includes the research and higher education institution CIFE (Center International de Formation Europeenne), which is based in Nice-France and has representatives in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul. The implementation regions of the project are Turkey, France and Poland. With the important role that Regional Development Agencies play in Turkey in the context of regional development, public administration and the process of full membership to the EU, the project objectives are to ensure that the good examples implemented at the national and EU level are developed locally and in the planning and scheduling processes of innovative tools and regional development agencies. To provide guidance on the efficient use of the capacities and instruments of these areas by the regional development agencies through the exploration and development of regional participation mechanisms ', to establish an interactive dialogue between the regional development agencies operating in Turkey and their counterparts in the EU and to strengthen the exchange of experience and information' Finally, 'regional development policies in Turkey, the activities of regional development agencies and regional development policies are aimed at civil participation areas in policy making processes. Increasing public awareness'.

Civil Society Dialogue Programme

Civil Society Dialogue has been developed as a programme bringing together civil society organisations from Turkey and the EU around common topics, to exchange knowledge and experience, and to build a sustained conversation between the organisations. Since its launch in 2008, the Civil Society Dialogue Programme has supported over 600 dialogue partnerships through 350 projects in many different fields, witnessing hundreds of activities to bring EU and Turkish communities closer together and create a greater mutual understanding amongst them. To date through the first three phase, a total of 42.5 million Euros has funded these activities. The fourth phase of the programme is supporting projects across nine policy areas of the EU with a total budget of 11 million Euros.

Project Info

Project Assistant Deha Enis Vardaryıldızı

Project Coordinator Bülent Tunga Yılmaz

Project Legal Representative M. Emre Gür

Project Owner Institution Turkey Europe Foundation

Project Partner Centre International de Formation Européenne – CIFE

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